Investor Relations

IR policy

1.Basic policy

KONDOTEC will make efforts to have all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, gain a better understanding about our Company and will disclose important information on the Company by considering fairness, accuracy and timeliness in order to support stakeholders make appropriate assessments.

2.Information disclosure standards

KONDOTEC will conduct information disclosure in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant laws and also with the timely disclosure rules set forth by the stock exchange on which the stock of the Company is listed. KONDOTEC will also actively disclose information not required to be disclosed under laws, regulations and rules if such information is judged to be useful for shareholders and investors.

3.Information disclosure methods

KONDOTEC will disclose information via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the stock exchange as well as actively make use of the Company’s website in an effort to conduct fair and speedy information disclosure.

4.Future projections

Future operating performance projections that the Company releases are based on data available at the time of making the release. Actual results may differ considerably from projections due to various factors and changes.

5.IR quiet period

In order to prevent leakage of financial results information and ensure fairness, KONDOTEC observes a quiet period which runs for a few weeks up to the release of financial results. During this quiet period, we will refrain from responding to comments, questions, etc. regarding financial results. If, however, we become aware of the possibility during the quiet period that operating performance figures will deviate significantly from the Company’s forecasts, we will disclose information as needed.