Privacy Policy

KONDOTEC INC. (hereinafter referred to as "Kondotec"), while recognizing that it is our social responsibility to protect personal information, complies with all applicable laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, gives its full attention to our collecting , using and maintaining personal information in an appropriate manner and makes every endeavour to protect personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information

The term "Personal Information" as used in this policy refers the information which can be used to identify a specific individual, including a name, an address, a phone number, an e-mail address, etc.

2. Purpose of Use of the Personal Information

Kondotec will use the personal information only for the following purposes within the limits necessary for the achievement of its business objectives.

(1) Personal information of customers (including an individual who works for the company which has business relationship with Kondotec, an individual who inquires about products and services and an individual who requests catalogs)
  • 1. Assessment of the business condition in buying and selling, including the preparation of documents necessary to develop and maintain smooth relationship with customers;
  • 2. Explanation and proposal regarding the products, goods and service, response to inquiries and delivery of catalogs and other documents;
  • 3. Performance of its obligation and execution of its rights in accordance with agreements, including delivering products and providing services;
  • 4. Obtaining and Disclosing information related to the transactions, agreements, and debtor-creditor relationships
  • 5. Maintenance of information to achieve goals mentioned above.
(2) Personal information of current and past stock holders
  • 1. Compliance with procedures related to the rights and obligations of stock holders in accordance with Japanese laws, such as the Company Act;
  • 2. Sending documents to stock holders;
  • 3. Preparing materials necessary to develop and maintain a good relationship with stockholders;
  • 4. Maintenance of information to achieve goals mentioned above.
(3) Personal information of job applicants
  • 1. Examination and termination of the employment;
  • 2. Contact with applicants;
  • 3. As for the accepted applicants only, assessment of hiring status and creation of materials for future hiring plan;
  • 4. Maintenance of information to achieve goals mentioned above.
(4) Personal information of executives, employees and persons who have or had an employment relationship, their family members, or members of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • 1. Implementation of various measure and procedure concerning personal and labor management, including effective posting and payroll;
  • 2. Welfare benefits and management for safety and health;
  • 3. Education and training;
  • 4. Maintenance of information to achieve goals mentioned above.

3.Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Kondotec will not disclose personal information to any third parties in any occasions, except following cases:

(1) When Kondotec provides a subcontracting company with personal information within the purpose of use described in Article 2.
(2) When Kondotec provides with personal information to a third party whose identification was shown upon the receipt of the personal information.
(3) When Kondotec can provide a third party with personal information in accordance with provisions of Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan, such as when filing or reporting the information is required under laws.
(4) When the individual has given Kondotec a prior consent to the disclosure.

4.Disclosure, Correction, Delete of Personal Information

When an individual requests Kondotec to disclose, correct or delete the personal information which has been provided, Kondotec will respond to the request as quickly as reasonably possible after verifying the identity of the requesting individual.

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