Product Liability and Quality Assurance

As a wholesale company with a manufacturing function, we strive to provide security and safety to customers through the maintenance of the quality of products and merchandise we handle, as well as the development and improvement of products.
This section presents our quality management system and the education conducted for our employees on the knowledge of products and merchandise regarding safety.

Quality Control of products and merchandise
Acquisition of certification of JIS and industry group
Response to complaints

In the event that a complaint is raised, we first has the sales representative meet with the customer and prepare a report. When there is a need to investigate the cause, if the case pertains to a product manufactured in-house, the Quality Control Section in our factory takes the necessary steps, while if the case pertains to procured merchandise, we take steps jointly with the supplier. We have a mechanism to share complaints whereby holding a meeting on complaints (irregularly held) and cases that should be shared on a corporate-wide basis are addressed to the entire organization by issuing a sales report or guidance to draw attention in order to share information.

Stance for Security and Safety
Internally certified qualification “Lifting equipment advisor”

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

We offer fair, accurate and speedy information disclosure in an effort to have all stakeholders deepen their understanding of the KONDOTEC Group.

We recognize the importance of having shareholders and investors gain an understanding of the KONDOTEC Group. For this reason, we bear in mind the need to offer careful explanations to shareholders and investors as well as to ensure fair, accurate and speedy information disclosure.
Further, in order to contribute to improvement the corporate value of the KONDOTEC Group, we work to strengthen our financial position and take other steps to enhance our earnings capability while pursuing strategic investment by M&A and other means, as well as actively expanding business investment aimed at growth. At the same time, we take initiatives to improve capital efficiency.

Invigoration of the General Meeting of Shareholders

We regard the General Meeting of Shareholders as an important opportunity to communicate with shareholders, and in order to invigorate the General Meeting of Shareholders we strive to have as many shareholders as possible participate, understand the Company, and secure a sufficient period for examining proposals for the Meeting.

IR activities

Bearing in mind the need to offer information disclosure that takes into account fairness, accuracy and timeliness, KONDOTEC organizes briefings for institutional investors by the President and individual meetings, participates actively in IR events for individual investors, and discloses IR materials via the Company’s website.

Track records of dialogue with institutional investors(FY 2020)
Actual coverage(May 2019)
Actual participation in IR events for individual investors(FY 2020)

Appropriate information Disclosure and Security

Co-existence with Local Communities

Operating site Opening Plan

Currently, KONDOTEC has 47 operating sites. Among sales activities areas, a precondition for selecting areas for operating site openings is that the area should be far away and have prospects for increased sales. We have expanded areas for operating site openings by way of branching out from relatively large-scale operating sites (branch class).
KONDOTEC makes sure to establish warehouses to store inventory at operating sites. Because we make deliveries, as for the location of operating sites, we select places near expressway ICs, or industrial parks that are unlikely to affect neighboring residents in terms of noise and traffic.
As for personnel, while several employees from branch operating sites are transferred at the time of a new operating site opening, we recruit several local people to help create employment in the community.

Safety Measures and Work Style Reform

Risk Control for Disasters and Others
Work Style Reform and Work-Life Balance

Human resources development and Diversity

Enhancement of remuneration and benefits programs
(Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) & trust-type ESOP (E-Ship®))

In October 2013, we introduced an ESOP which offers shares to employees who have been promoted or assumed a position.
By issuing shares as an incentive to employees of the Company, we encourage employees to heighten their motivation and morale toward enhancing performance as part of our effort to improve corporate value of the Company in the medium-and-long term.
In 2008, we introduced E-Ship® which is the trust system utilizing employees’ stock ownership associations ,and we are 4th company in Japan. It was reported in the Nihonkeizai Shimbun newspaper as planning to distribute about 100,000 yen per person on a simple average in 2012 at the end of the first period.

Childbirth by employees and spouses
  Those who newly took childcare leave during the period Those who took childcare leave during the period Those who returned to work during the period Remarks
2020.4.1~present 2 person 3 persons 0 persons At May-2020
2019.4.1~2020.3.31t 4 person 3 persons 4 persons  
2018.4.1~2019.3.31 2 person 5 persons 3 persons  
2017.4.1~2018.3.31 2 persons 5 persons 1 person  
2016.4.1~2017.3.31 3 persons 3 persons 0 person  
Diversity - Basic principle

KONDOTEC recognizes the importance of establishing a working environment in which employees with diverse backgrounds fully demonstrate their respective abilities and are motivated to work, in order to contribute to creating an affluent society as stated in our corporate philosophy. For this reason, we take initiatives to promote diversity and a good work-life balance, and make efforts to nurture a corporate climate where employees can work with lively.

To create a platform on which diverse human resources can take leading roles

Appointment of
human resources

Establishment of working

Skills development

Non-discriminatory hiring policy and Support for diversification of employment formats

In hiring employees, we respect the diverse characteristics of individuals, including age, gender and nationality. Moreover, with the introduction of year-round recruitment (for 2008 recruits and after), we have been hiring employees with various careers, experience, etc., and were noted in The Nikkei Newspaper.
Further, we offer support to athletes as well as appoint highly motivated contract workers as regular employees. We appointed one female Director in June 2015 and appointed one female Audit & Supervisory Board Member(currently Directors (Audit & Supervisory Committee Members)) in June 2019, who widen female appeal.

Male-female ratio of new employees with main career track in the last five years and home
countries of international students
Year of employment Male Female Total Nationality of international students
(other than Japan)
April-2020 11 persons 7 persons 18 persons  
April-2019 19 persons 4 persons 23 persons Brazil
April-2018 12 persons 6 persons 18 persons korea
April-2017 8 persons 10 persons 18 persons  
April-2016 9 persons 9 persons 18 persons  
April-2015 12 persons 9 persons 21 persons Thailand, Vietnam
Appointment of a female director
Activities of the track & field club