Way of thinking regarding Sustainability

Aiming for sustainable growth

In engaging in corporate activities, we recognize that management promoting responses to ESG (environment, society and governance) issues will lead to sustainable growth.
Accordingly, we take various initiative along the goals to be achieved in each ESG in management and ESG Basic Policy which we identified issues and formulated.


We make efforts for corporate activities rooted in environmental preservation and to provide products and merchandise which create a better environment.


With maximization of corporate value, we have the system that reinforce and enrich corporate governance.


Integrated Report/Annual Report

Kondotec's Integrated Report / Annual Report is available here.

From the Establishment of Corporate Identity (CI) to ESG Basic Policy Inherited spirit

The company which started as a private concern, changed its company name in 1989, almost 30 years ago.
While it was a time when the concept of ESG has yet to be born, our corporate identity was established with the wish to “Be a company which continues to develop regardless of how society and the economy change, and which is indispensable for society."
The sprit remains the same today, and is inherited in the ESG Basic Policy.

The printed paper issued at establishment of CI

Verification of materiality and the process of formulating the ESG Basic Policy

We formulated ESG Basic Policy by below process.
Materiality was sorted out by considering SDGs [sustainability of global environment, sustainability of human society and elimination of poverty] published in the 2015 Paris Agreement and taking into consideration the relevance to 17 SDGs goals.


Listing our issues

We identified potential items for our issues, and identified issues for each stakeholder referring to various guidelines (IIRC and Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation*)

*IIRC: Framework within the International Integrated Reporting Council
*Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation: Guidance for information disclosure and improving quality of dialogue with investors


Judgement on the importance of each item

We evaluated the importance of issues identified in STEP 1 with the importance for stakeholders and the importance for the Company, and selected items of high importance as issues.


Identification of materiality in ESG and policy formulation

At the Board of Directors, we discussed again the order of priority for important items selected in STEP 2, and based on the result, identified materialities and determined the ESG Basic Policy while focusing on value creation from the perspective of SDGs based on our corporate philosophy of “affluent society”.

Sustainable Development Goals

Decision on materiality (key issues) and ESG Basic Policy

We decided on materiality as follows after the three steps. We will regard this materiality as the ESG Basic Policy and link it to sustainable corporate growth by incorporating it in the management strategy.

ESG Materiality Relevant SDGs
Environment 1. Provision of optimal products and merchandise for environmental measures Products and merchandise handled by the Company(Presentation of environment related products and merchandise)
2. Business activities paying attention to the environment Initiatives for environmental protection and energy-saving
Management of emissions (material balance)
1. Product liability and quality assurance Quality control of products and merchandise
Stance for safety and security
2. Procurement and provision of high-value-added products,merchandise and services Provision of better products,merchandise and services for customers
3. Communication with shareholders Engagement with shareholders
4. Appropriate information disclosure and security Stance for information disclosure
Information security measures
5. Co-existence with local communities Operating site opening plan
Response to disasters and contributions to them
6. Safety measures and work-style reform Risk control for disasters and others
For employees’ health, safety and hygiene
7. Human resources development and diversity Policy on human resource development
Employee benefits
Governance 1. Strengthening of corporate governance Corporate governance
2. Thorough compliance Compliance Basic Policy