Kondotec Overview

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KONDOTEC INC. marks 76 years since its foundation. We sincerely appreciate the support of all stakeholders including, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Founded in 1947, KONDOTEC INC. started business by manufacturing hardware for vessels. We expanded business by selling products into the civil engineering and construction industry. Our business has expanded into a wide range of industries, such as electrical equipment, railway, agriculture, forestry and indirect materials in factory. We provide products and merchandise to customers in a wide range of fields and strive to contribute to development of the social infrastructure to carry out its responsibilities as a corporation bases on the corporate philosophy – “We strive to contribute to the creation of an affluent society by nurturing our employees, who would shape the future, and by conducting corporate activities with innovate and pioneering way.”

Strengthening procurement function

Higher materials prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as weak yen continued to push up production costs such as industrial gases, personnel expenses, and freight costs. Moreover, automakers struggled to produce enough vehicles to meet demand due to the semiconductor shortage and limited components. Construction industry would face materials shortage as rising prices. To support to keep customer’s operations running smoothly, we will strengthen product procurement capabilities and expand inventory capacity to offer one-stop service by providing a wide range of products.

The 2024 problem in the logistics industry

Regulations on truckers' overtime will come into effect in April 2024. These regulations are expected to be a problem for long-distance transportation. We will further strengthen our sales structure that enables us to smoothly deliver products and merchandise to customers through hub distribution centers in Osaka and Kita-Kanto across nationwide offices. Especially, we will focus on smooth transportation of long objects and irregular-shaped objects that are difficult to load.

Response to the need for weight reduction

In the field of construction and civil engineering, the labor shortage has become more serious. The construction workforce is aging, and the employment rate of women is getting higher. At such sites, the need for weight reduction of materials is increasing, and we need to respond to diversifying demands. In our manufacturing division, we have developed a lighter weight scaffolding chains “Carina” and changed the number of construction bolts per box to realize weight reduction (less than 20kg). In addition, we have launched weight reduction and labor-saving related products such as aluminum square-shaped pipes “Alpaca”, high strength clamps, and high strength “CON-BRACE”.

Response to maintenance demand

Demand for maintenance and repair works is expected to increase while new construction demand is expected to decreased due to an aging population and declining birth rate in Japan We focus to meet demand related to scaffolding which is essential in the construction sites. In 2021, We provide scaffolding construction services in the business areas of detached houses, large-scale buildings, and civil engineering projects (such as bridges) in collaboration with Nippon Scaffolding Holdings Co., Ltd.(established in April 2021) and 3 group subsidiaries.

The upcoming Expo 2025 will take place in Osaka, where KONDOTEC was founded.
We would like to contribute to the smooth running of the big event by providing a wide range of products and merchandise.

Katsuhiko Kondo / President